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At Apex Global Business Services and Solutions, we stand for limitless excellence. Whether you're an expert or an aspiring professional, join us in a community that thrives on mutual support and continuous growth.

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"MIM" Benefits

As a member, you gain access to a dynamic business club promoting collaboration and mentorship. Invite others or showcase your business for potential invitations.
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Apex Membership Types

In Apex, discover innovative products, progressive ideas, and exceptional connections under the banner of "Advancing, Creating Value."

"In the Apex community, we unite to drive value. Through our member network and supportive interactions, we build success together."

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My Apex Activities

As an Apex member, you can create your own Apex Club with Apex Social Media, Apex Advertising, Apex Shopping, Apex Chat, Apex Email, Apex Groups, Apex Events, Apex Meetups, Apex Travel Club, and your unique social tools and advertisements.
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My Apex Canvas Investors , Venture Capitals
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Apex members can also utilize Canvas Models at different stages of their business, courtesy of Apex. We offer Apex Clubs for Creation, Innovation, and Further Development, which we refer to as Apex_Lean Canvas, Apex Ideas Canvas, and Apex Innovation Canvas.

And in the case of investments, as a member, you can receive assistance in the Apex Club known as the Investment Consortium.

Invitation to Visionary Professionals
and Ambitious Individuals Trailbazers

This exclusive invitation is extended to visionary professionals and ambitious individuals who are passionate about excelling in their respective fields and embracing limitless possibilities of success.

Whether you are a trailblazer in the business world, a pioneering scientist, an innovative start-up, a creative artist, a talented musician, a profound writer, or an intellectual seeking to expand your horizons, this is the perfect opportunity to connect with a global network that represents the best of the world.

By answering "yes," you align with the core values
of the Apex Society Mindset:

Embracing visionary thinking and setting ambitious goals.
Demonstrating persistence, resilience, and a willingness to overcome challenges.
Striking a balance between financial acumen, innovative thinking, and making a positive impact on others and the world.

Comprehensive Membership Benefits and Organizational Structure for the Apex Society Business Club:

Membership Fee and Invitations:
New participants are required to pay the membership fee upon joining, regardless of the chosen membership duration (1 month, 1 year, or 2 years).

Invitation Commission:
Members who successfully invite new participants receive an automatic 10% commission based on the membership fee paid by the new participant.

Sponsorship and Benefits:
Existing members who invite new participants become the "sponsors" of these new members.
Sponsored participants automatically become club members.

Activity Benefits:
Sponsors can benefit from the activities of the participants they've invited for one year.
Sponsors automatically receive 10% of the value of activities generated by their invited participants.

Activity Value Calculation:
The activity value is determined by the advertisements viewed or interactions made by the invited participants.
Activity value ranges based on the participant's country, varying from $5 to $50 USD per day.

Free Membership Offer:
If a current member invites another Apex user, they are eligible for free membership, waiving the $5000 USD fee.

Invitation with Apex Membership ID:
When inviting someone from their own circle, the inviting member must provide the new invitee with their Apex Membership ID.
This allows the invitee to benefit from commissions and ensures proper system allocation.

Member Overview in Apex Member Area:
The Apex member area lists all members, including future ones, alphabetically and by industries and countries.

New participants are marked with the label "Invite me" for easy identification.

This comprehensive structure creates a transparent and organized community within the Apex Society Business Club. It facilitates efficient invitation practices, rewards engagement, and encourages club growth. Ensure that all members receive clear information about these benefits and processes to ensure the best possible experience.

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